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Website Design and development

Website design and development of our core business and we pride ourselves on creating website solutions that introduce maximum return on investment for the any progressive business that employs our services.

We focus on understanding our client situation and needs to the extent that we can present and propose the best solution that will maximize business and operational success through the use of the latest online and multimedia technologies.

Our Website designers are not simply technical professionals but there are true artists at heart which will add artistic flair in all we do giving our work the missing ingredient that give our designed solutions and dimension to excellence.


We do not believe in taking shortcuts that undermine the quality of our solutions so we take the time to individually design and develop unique custom websites that represent the corporate identity of an organization that we see as an additional electronic sales department that will assist our clients to make that all to crucial sale of product or service thus contributing positively to their bottom line.
We are currently offer 3 business website packages for most corporate websites but we can also develop your specific unique requirement the way you want it


Basic Website Package

The basic website package is the entry level website that features a custom design as well as basic pages such as “about Us”, “Contact Us”, “Products & services” etc. The Basic package is based on a static design which is basically an electronic corporate brochure. This package is for organizations that are looking for a budget solution that will put them online.


Designer Website Package

The Designer website Package is a more visually interactive website package which includes visually distinct and striking motion graphics and animations. This interactivity makes the website more marketable and interesting and can be used to deliver a television style advertising advantage through the use of the motion graphics. The package is perfect for organizations that wish to attract attention through their website.


Premium Website Package

The Premium website package has all the features of the designer package but adds a Content Management System (CMS). A content management system is a system that allows you to manage your own website content. You will receive necessary training from us to be able to add and remove information and pictures to your website. The package also has functional enhancements such as Photo Galleries, News and Events Management which you will be able to administer using the content management system.


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