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SMS Advantage 2.0

SMS Server is an SMS system that can be added to any existing database or stand-alone software or website that requires SMS functionality. For example if you already have a Customer Relationship Management System with the addition of

SMS Server you will be able to query the data using your mobile phone or even receive SMS notifications when a particular event occurs in the system.

  •  SMS Server can add the following advantages to your existing system
  •  Adding enhanced communication using SMS technology
  •  Control your system remotely using SMS commands
  •  Reach your clients or customers quickly and efficiently using SMS
  •  DO away with other expensive correspondence based communication mediums which leads to delay

Ciderstar can add SMS Advantage to your system within 2 working days and if you do not already have a system then we can develop one for you at a discounted price, contact us for details or for a demo


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