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Website Packages

Website Packages We have 4 website packages that have different website features from an entry level basic website to an interactive multimedia website. You can read about the features below but they is a website package that suits your need weather you have a tight budget or you want the best full featured website.

Interactive Multimedia Web

This package brings visual interactivity as well as multimedia to your website with a video website presenter who will present your website with enthusiasm to ensure higher advertising value
Your website will be the voice and face directing your visitors with your message in order to give you the full selling value. Your website will virtually be your sales person

Deluxe Web

The Premium website package has all the features of the designer package but adds a Content Management System (CMS). A content management system is a system that allows you to manage your own website content. You will receive necessary training from us to be able to add and remove information and pictures to your website. The package also has functional enhancements such as Photo Galleries, News and Events Management which you will be able to administer using the content management system.

Basic Web

The basic website package is the entry level website that features a custom design as well as basic pages such as “about Us”, “Contact Us”, “Products & services” etc. The Basic package is based on a static design which is basically an electronic corporate brochure. This package is for organizations that are looking for a budget solution that will put them online.

Dynamic Web

he Designer website Package is a more visually interactive website package which includes visually distinct and striking motion graphics and animations. This interactivity makes the website more marketable and interesting and can be used to deliver a television style advertising advantage through the use of the motion graphics. The package is perfect for organizations that wish to attract attention through their website.


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