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Online Marketing Services (OMS)

The most important and often neglected aspect of having an online presence or website is that when a website is designed and completed it is not adequately marketed. Such that the website owners and the internet public lose interest in it. Online Marketing Services (OMS) is the answer to ensuring the continued success of an organization’s website.Online marketing is marketing and advertising of your website such that it can be easily found among the millions of websites that are online today. It’s a way of making sure that if a potential customer of your organization’s product or service is online then they can easily find your website in order to get information about your organization.

We offer extensive range online marketing services that can be seen from the following list
1. Website Analysis
2. Search engine optimization
3. Online advertising
4. Income Generation
5. SMS Marketing
6. Online Company Search & Directory Listing
7. Electronic Newsletters

The internet can work for your business.
Ciderstar provides e-business analysis, strategic planning, development, design, and implementation services. Our consulting and technology services focus on refining business and communication processes through customer-facing communications mainly through the Internet and electronic processes.
Our solutions are aimed at attaining results for our clients that put them in a unique competitive advantage over their competitors. Results should attract new clientele; build loyalty in existing clients, and reducing operational costs all through the online media.

Website Analysis

In website analysis the traffic and activity on your website is recorded and analysed to show how your website is performing. The results will be used to plot and design a website development plan, which will see your website improved to work more for your organisation.

Search Engine Optimization

This is a process of making the website search engine ready. This is achieved by ensuring the correct and relevant keywords, meta-tags and meta-words are put up on your website. Web content copy writing is also a part of the process. This is where the content put up on an individual website is written and set in a way that will make the website easily accessible to search engine crawlers which will aid in having the website ranked favourably on the search engines and directories.

Online Advertising

An online advertising plan is developed in accordance with your website content, your organisation’s image and target market. The main aim of this is to advertise websites and create awareness within the target audience about the existence and functionality of your organisation’s website.
This will mean that we can design animated banner adverts to place on several other popular websites.

Income Generation

Different programs will be implemented to open revenue streams from your website. These include online banner advertising and affiliate programs. This means that you can receive income from your website through the advertising programs.
The system will read through the content on any given page picking out the prominent and most used words, these words will guide the code to pull out adverts that are linked to the words pulled out from the page. Every click each advert receives is converted into income into your account.

SMS Marketing

An SMS platform can be added to your website content such as products and services allowing anyone all over the world to send SMS requests for latest prices of any of your products and services.
SMS technology broadens the scope of your clientele by reaching people that may not have easy access to the internet. SMS can market your products and services which would boost your marketing initiatives by giving non internet users or mobile access to your products which is the most widely used communication medium on the internet.

Online Company Search & Directory Listing

Your website URL is submitted to the Google sub-engines and directories. You can receive monthly reports and tracing information. In addition to listing on the Google group of search engines, websites are also listed with individual directories which are directly linked to the product or information found on your website.

Electronic Newsletters

Electronic newsletters, online forms and polls will be implemented to initiate communication between the website author’s and their target audience.


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