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Netsoft Mobile SMS Marketing System

The NETSOFT MOBILE SYSTEM is a computer system, which facilitates for the sending and receiving of Cellphone Messages using a GSM modem with a line. The system facilitates for customer as well as Internal company communication using the easy reliable and effective
Mobile Short Message Service (SMS) communication medium.


NETSOFT MOBILE has been developed for businesses that need to deploy their own SMS based services to serve users either within the organization, outside or both.
Internal departments stand to benefit from the cheap, global, and near real time communication advantages that SMS offers, thereby empowering the client and employee.

The mobile phone which functions as an integral business tool for the mobile work force, when used to access SMS services further improves the productivity of the work force in many areas including access to critical information and improved customer service.

Companies can also take advantage of SMS as the preferred medium of communication among individuals for the purpose of anywhere anytime alerts, reminders, as well as access to information when on the move. This translates to better customer service, while at the same time reducing the amount spent in serving customers. Following are some examples of applications of SMS for businesses:


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