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Netsoft Inventory

Netsoft Inventory

Netsoft Inventory is an interactive software package that ensures the most efficient inventory management processes; the system helps you track your company’s inventory while helping your business keep up to date with the latest in inventory control technology,ranging from Automated Email Ordering to Online Supplier Leads.
Netsoft Inventory has what it takes to transform your company’s inventory processing into an efficient, automated and accurate source for you inventory information.


Inventory Tracking

Keep Track of all your company’s inventory whether it be internal use inventory or inventory for sales throughout the entire inventory life cycle.

Stock Control

Keep track of inventory stock levels and insure that your company is adequately stocked by using our reordering system that sends reminders to purchasing personnel via email.

Ware Housing

Manage large stock quantities and discover stock variances between physical and expected quantities so that your company can minimize loss and maximize accountability


Use our Invoicing, and Point of Sale System to register sales and benefit from the system’s powerful sales reporting system to show company’s sales trends which will in turn help you to develop effective marketing strategies


The system track your inventory throughout the purchasing processes which includes the following:-

  •  Purchase Requisitions
  •  Purchase Requisitions
  •  Goods received vouchers

Price Control

We realize the ever changing prices due to inflation so we have developed a price control system that has effective mechanisms that will help your organization maintain value based pricing automatically.

Email Reorder System

The Email Reorder System is an automated way to send notify you when certain stock items are under stocked based on the item reorder level. These automatic reminders can serve to help your company maintain optimum levels of inventory.

Online Supplier Leads

Use our revolutionary network of suppliers and their product catalogues and price lists to search for and compare prices thus helping you to make better choices as to your inventory suppliers. View supplier profiles and view current price lists which could help you to maximize profits by minimizing expenses.


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