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An intranet is an internal website that is built to improve internal corporate communication and team work as well as enhancing some paper based workflow into electronic workflows that work with email and document management and sharing to provide an I.C.T enhanced working environment for any business or organization.

The primary purpose of the Intranet project is to provide Air Botswana with a flexible internal system for managing documents in an organized, central manner, built on a standard Microsoft platform. This will ensure that it is easily extendible by readily available resources in the ICT industry. The Intranet will help Air Botswana provide an efficient way of sharing information with the ultimate goal of enhancing internal and external client satisfaction.


The following modules can be added to the intranet. Based on your requirements you can choose whichever modules are applicable to your organization to create a unique and customized product


Brief Description

Content Management

Ability to manage all intranet content

Document Management

Ability to manage document repository

Surveys & Polls

Ability to run staff surveys & questionnaires

Discussion Forum

Staff discussion collaboration

Email Alerts

Email Alerts and notifications

Event Calendar

Corporate Event Calendar


Intranet Wide Search

Active Directory

Automatic windows security


Contacts Management



Sales & Marketing Workspace

Schedule meetings, share documents across a sales teams

IT Help Desk

Manage IT related issues, manage IT team activities and performance

Call Center

Allow staff members to log in issues in a call center style

Equipment and Room Booking

Allows staff members to book company assets and view an online booking schedule

Staff Benefits

Assign and manage staff benefits and give staff access to their personal staff benefits

Staff Training

Allow staff members to plan for training workshops and allow staff members to view their training schedule and materials

Human Resources

Online Leave Calendar Application and Calendars, Loan applications and repayment schedules

Asset Tracking

Track company assets and their status like computers, projectors, vehicles and other assets

Project Management

Manage company projects and track project status using gaunt charts and other project management tools

Document Workflows

Manage approval workflows using document management and email communication


Advertise Job Vacancies, Upload application CV and info,

Customer Relationship Management

Track Leads, sales opportunities, Accounts, Proposal Documents and much more

Fleet Management

Manage Vehicle inventory, fuel Consumption, Mileages, Service Records and much more



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