About Us

About us

Ciderstar comprises of like-minded Information Technology professionals that work together to create first class solutions that exemplify our “Excellence Evolution” work ethic. We pride ourselves in producing the highest quality of products and services that will empower our clients by synergizing their investment in business and ideas with the highest quality information technology powerful solutions.

Ciderstar is based in Botswana and therefore committed to contributing to economic growth and human development by empowering local businesses and projects with world-class solutions that drive their business initiatives towards a goal of reaching definitive levels of success that will bring value for our clients.

The Information technology industry is characterized by businesses that take shortcuts in order to maximize profits at the expense of clients. Ciderstar is committed to putting the clients’ needs first and introducing ideas and solutions that last and represent an excellent standard that ensures the solutions function at optimum efficiency for as long as possible based on the original vision for the solution.



Our vision is pushing the limits of information technology solution to the point that true excellence can be achieved by our clients through our solutions. We want to see the growth and success of our clients as much as they do.

We also believe in the I.CT industry in Botswana and in Africa itself is still in its infancy and with the help of a committed organization such as can take it to its full potential where we will have a future where businesses and projects maximize the efficient use of information, communication and online technology.


Our mission is to pioneer and be the driving force behind the growth and success of the information, communication and online technology.


Excellence is our core value as a result we try to exemplify and demonstrate excellence and efficiency in all we do. We strongly believe that excellence is the missing ingredient in most businesses; a necessary concept that can accelerate the value of service can be tendered by an organization.

As a result excellence is the foundation of our work ethic, as can be evidenced in the following points:

  • Service delivery excellence
  • Client relation management excellence
  • Professional excellence
  • Internal management excellence


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